Workers’ Compensation Suspension/Termination Petitions

Even though the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation system is intended to provide benefits to people unable to work because of work-related injuries, this doesn’t mean the process of getting the benefits you’re entitled to is always going to be easy.

Employers’ insurance companies have every incentive to pay as little as possible and seek every opportunity to have people’s workers’ comp benefits reduced or stopped altogether. When this happens, workers and their families are too often left to wonder what their options are for keeping the benefits they need.

A qualified lawyer can help you keep these important benefits, however. At Phillips, Phillips & Smith-Delach, P.C., we have a team of highly experienced workers’ compensation attorneys who understand the process, know how to present the strongest possible cases and all the while treat our Southwest Pennsylvania clients with respect and compassion.

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Don’t Accept Suspension Or Termination Of Your Benefits Without A Fight

One of the most common reasons that employers attempt to cut off workers’ comp benefits is because an insurer-provided physician decides an employee is “fine” after a short medical examination. Once this happens, an employer will usually file a termination petition.

We can contest the validity of these types of examinations in a hearing before a judge. Many insurance company-supplied medical providers fail to adequately identify injuries or link them to workplace accidents. Working with independent medical experts, we will look for evidence in your medical record that best supports continuation of workers’ comp benefits. If you continue to suffer from your work-related injuries, you deserve fair compensation, period, and our attorneys will do everything possible to help you receive it.

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