Workers’ Compensation Lump-Sum Settlements

It can be an enticing proposition: Instead of receiving small biweekly workers’ comp checks, you will instead receive one large lump-sum payment to compensate you for your work-related injuries.

Accepting a lump-sum settlement can be advantageous for some workers, but not all. There are many factors that go into deciding whether a one-time payment makes long-term sense for a worker — and these factors are easy to forget in the day-to-day struggle of managing pain and making ends meet.

At Phillips, Phillips & Smith-Delach, P.C., our Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorneys take pride in removing the confusion from what can be an intimidating legal process. Our Pittsburgh-area clients are hardworking people, and we want to ensure that any workers’ compensation settlement they accept is in their best interests. Every day, our attorneys use decades of combined experience to ensure that our clients are fully and fairly compensated when a workplace accident or other work-related condition keeps them off the job.

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Workers’ Comp Settlements: We Know The Questions To Ask. We Know The Facts To Consider.

In many ways, whether or not to accept a lump-sum workers’ compensation settlement comes down to timing. A qualified lawyer will ask several questions in determining whether a settlement is a good option for you:

  • How much longer are you likely going to be unable to work?
  • What are your estimated future medical expenses?
  • Will you have reduced earning potential because of your injury?
  • Do you have additional medical insurance?
  • Are you eligible to apply for Social Security Disability (SSD) or other benefits?

Our attorneys will not only get answers to these and other questions, but also take the lead in negotiating with your employer’s insurance company if we determine that a settlement is in your best interests. Along the way, we will keep you well-informed about the status of your case and ensure that whether we pursue a settlement or not, you continue to receive the maximum benefits that you are entitled to.

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