Automobile accident Death $2,950,000
Tractor-trailer accident $2,900,000
Excavation collapsed Crushing client, resulting in debilitating injury to the left leg and right shoulder $1,887,500
Birth injury Confidential $1,250,000
Medical malpractice Failure of family physician to diagnose impending brain hemorrhage, result in permanent brain damage and blindness and requiring long-term/full-time nursing care $1,300,000
Medical malpractice $1,200,000
Workers’ compensation Double amputations of portions of lower extremities $1,100,000
Workers’ compensation $1,100,000
Motorcycle vs. auto accident Fractures of the hip, left leg, left ankle and left knee necessitation numerous surgeries and rehabilitation with additional lacerations to the leg muscles requiring skin graft, resulting in ongoing loss of strength and mobility in the leg with extensive scarring $1,020,422.96
Workers’ compensation $1,000,000
Wrongful death $1,000,000
Automobile accident Aggravation of preexisting cervical complaints resulting in surgery $850,000
Automobile accident Injury to cervical spine $850,000
Medical malpractice Delayed diagnosis of cancer $825,000
Tractor -trailer accident Injury to wrist, forearm and fingers resulting in loss of strength and scarring $665,000
Pedestrian struck by motor vehicle Death $640,000
Underinsured motorist $625,000
Slip-and-fall $615,000
Automobile / truck accident Broken ribs, permanent nerve injury $450,000
Failure to diagnose cancer Extensive surgery $425,000
Automobile accident Burst fracture at L1 vertebra requiring surgery to stabilize the spine with ongoing low back pain, accompanied by a concussion and post-concussive syndrome resulting in headaches and cognitive dysfunction necessitating cognitive and vestibular therapies $400,000
Pedestrian struck by motor vehicle Fractured right thumb resulting in permanent upper extremity impairment $400,000
Automobile accident Cervical disk with fusion and plating $350,000
Automobile accident Herniated disk-low back requiring surgery $325,000
Motor vehicle accident traumatic brain injury $310,000
Bicycle vs. auto accident Nose and jaw fractures, dental trauma and surgical scarring about the face $300,000
Automobile accident Resulting in an L4/L5 disk herniation, exacerbation of a preexisting neck injury.

Tear of the left shoulder cartilage.

Mild traumatic brain injury resulting in headaches and difficulty with cognition, memory and concentration, resulting in payment of insurance policy limits

Trucking accident Herniated disk requiring surgery and questionable cognitive injury $300,000
Medical malpractice Loss of kidney function following aneurysm repair $298,290
Medical malpractice Wrong-site surgery $287,500
Medical malpractice Prescribing diet medication that led to heart attack $275,000
Automobile accident Aggravation of preexisting cervical and lumbar conditions; fractured ribs and headache $270,000
Motor vehicle accident Cervical fractures, leg and facial lacerations $265,000
Motor vehicle accident $265,000
Environmental $265,000
Medical malpractice Failure of urgent care facility to diagnose and treat life-threatening pneumonia, resulting in death three days later $263,000
Medical malpractice Delayed diagnosis of MRSA $250,000
Premises liability Exacerbation of preexisting arthritic conditions in hands and shoulder; cervical injury and post-concussion syndrome $250,000
Boating accident $250,000
Boating accident Death $250,000 (policy limits)
Pedestrian struck by automobile Fractures of femur, low back and pubic bone $225,000
Workers’ compensation Resulting in aggravation of pre-existing knee and right elbow problems $201,500
Nursing home failure to diagnose infection death $200,000
Nursing home neglect $200,000
Medical malpractice Delay in diagnosis of spinal injury $200,000
Automobile accident-questionable liability Fractures of hip and foot, along with soft tissue injuries $200,000 (policy limits)
Medical malpractice Failure of ER physician to diagnose central cord syndrome, aggravation of pre-existing disability, continuing deficits with strength and range of motion in the legs $200,000
Automobile accident-questionable liability Fractured hip, knee and wrist $191,500
Automobile accident Fracture of the C6 vertebra, requiring spinal fusion and whole body casting with ongoing neck complaints $185,000
Workers’ compensation Concussion and post-concussive syndrome resulting in headaches, cognitive dysfunction and double vision necessitating cognitive and vision therapies $180,000
Automobile accident Soft tissue injury and aggravation of low back problems $180,000
Workers’ compensation Concussion and post-concussion syndrome $180,000
Automobile accident – minor impact Herniated cervical disk requiring surgery and aggravation of preexisting low back symptoms $177,500
Workers’ compensation accident Aggravation of preexisting low back condition which resulted in surgery $175,000
Workers’ compensation Burst fracture of vertebrae $175,000
Workers’ compensation Bulging disks $165,000
Automobile accident-questionable liability Aggravation of low back symptoms requiring surgery $162,000
Automobile accident Concussion, headache and chronic neck pain $155,000
Workers’ compensation Chronic pain and reduced motion of shoulder $155,000
Automobile accident Concussion with resultant headaches and difficulties with memory along with an injury to the right leg resulting in aggravation of pre-existing cellulitis $150,000
Automobile accident – minor impact Aggravation of pre-existing cervical symptoms which resulted in surgery $150,000
Automobile accident Fractured hip, closed head injury $150,000 (policy limits
Medical malpractice Negligent administration of vaccine $142,500
Workers’ compensation Loss of use of his third and fourth finger on the left hand. $135,000
Motor vehicle accident Fractured vertebrae and knee $135,000
Workers’ compensation Fractured foot $135,000
Medical malpractice Delay in diagnosis of infection contributes to death $125,000
Automobile accident L5/S1 disk herniation, rotator cuff tear of right shoulder with impingement syndrome and aggravation of preexisting Parkinson’s $115,000
Pedestrian struck by automobile Tibia fracture, non-displaced fracture of fingers $115,000
Automobile accident Injuries to upper extremities to include numbness and scarring $110,500
Workers’ compensation Rotator cuff tear, left knee injury, nerve pain $100,000
Motor vehicle accident Broken leg $100,000
Automobile accident – minor impact Soft tissue and closed head injury $100,000 (policy limits)
Automobile accident – minor impact Aggravation of pre-existing low back problems $100,000 (policy limits)
Motorcycle vs. auto accident Scapular, rib and clavicle fracture, collapsed lung, vertebral strains and head injury resulting in memory problems $95,000
Workers’ compensation Ulnar/wrist injury $95,000
Workers’ compensation Bulging disks $95,000
Automobile accident-questionable liability Fractured patella $90,000
Automobile accident-questionable liability Questionable brain injury $80,000
Fall down – questionable liability Ankle fracture requiring surgery $75,000
Automobile accident Medial meniscus tear of knee and soft tissue injuries $70,000
Trucking accident – contested Rotator cuff repair $70,000
Workers’ compensation Nasal fracture $60,000