Postoperative Negligence

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Even with the many recent advances in medicine and medical technology, serious injuries following even routine surgical procedures remain commonplace.

While not every infection or other postoperative complication is the result of a hospital’s or doctor’s error, the failure to recognize and treat a serious infection in time, or the failure to prescribe the right treatment for an infection, can lead to serious injury, loss of limbs, and sometimes death. In these cases, patients who put their faith — and lives — in the hands of medical professionals deserve to be fairly compensated for their injuries. Patients throughout Southwest Pennsylvania turn to the experienced medical malpractice attorneys of Phillips, Phillips & Smith-Delach, P.C., because of our experience, commitment to results and belief that working with a lawyer should not add to the stress of healing from a negligently caused injury.

At our firm, we don’t want the malpractice claims process to be demanding for our clients. Although we keep every client regularly informed about his or her case, we also give our clients the room to focus on their medical recovery while we aggressively advocate on their behalf.

Helping You Obtain Fair Compensation For Your Injuries

Sometimes, the most serious post-surgery injuries are the least expected. For example, we have represented clients who have developed serious infections after surgery, including MRSA, because they were not given adequate care. Others have suffered serious and even permanent nerve damage following surgeries in seemingly unrelated areas.

Having an experienced malpractice lawyer guide you through the process of a lawsuit is essential. In Pennsylvania, every malpractice suit must be certified by an independent physician who practices in the same area as a client’s treating physician. With established roots in Southwest Pennsylvania, we have access to the most qualified experts in many fields of medicine, as well as the experience to make sense of complex and sometimes inconsistent medical records.

Doctors, hospitals and their lawyers have every incentive to resist paying compensation for medical negligence. We know this because our lawyers used to represent them before focusing our practice solely on injured people. We know how they think, and we will fight for the compensation our clients deserve when they require additional treatment, face long-term pain and must even stop working because of a medical provider’s negligence.

If you or a loved one has been injured as the result of medical negligence, we will not charge a fee unless you get compensation.

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If you suspect that you or a loved one has suffered from postoperative negligence, we can evaluate your case in a no-fee consultation. Email our Washington and Pittsburgh firm or call 724-225-9933, toll free 844-262-2936.

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