A Misdiagnosis Or Delayed Diagnosis Can Be Deadly

We trust medical professionals to arrive at a timely, accurate diagnosis of our conditions. With years of training, many available tests, and a wealth of information in the hospital’s database, it is not unreasonable to expect doctors and nurses to correctly identify a condition and begin a course of treatment. Unfortunately, doctors, nurses, and hospitals don’t always recognize the signs and symptoms of strokes, heart attack, and cancers – which can lead to worsening conditions or even fatalities. The failure of a health care provider to order appropriate routine testing for an established patient, or to order appropriate tests based upon a patient’s particular symptoms, can cause strokes, heart attacks, cancers, and other diseases to go untreated for months or years, sometimes leading to deaths.

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Many medical conditions can be life-threatening when mishandled. Three of the most dangerous misdiagnoses center on heart attacks, strokes and cancer. If the physical clues that point to heart attacks and strokes are not identified and corrected – whether through medication or surgery – the patient can suffer a massive coronary event or permanent brain damage. Individuals who have suffered a heart attack or stroke will often have to adjust their entire lives around care and treatment, and face enormous costs for their care. In severe cases, the patient may die, leaving a family of loved ones left behind.

When detected early enough, some forms of cancer are treatable. Whether through surgical removal of the tumor, chemotherapy or an aggressive medication, it might be possible to eradicate the effected cells and prevent the spread of the disease. Unfortunately, if the incorrect tests are ordered, or test results are misinterpreted, the cancer can quickly progress. If a stroke or heart attack is promptly detected and treated, its effects may not be as severe.

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