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Every time you seek medical care — whether it is for a routine checkup or complex surgery — you put faith in your providers to exercise the highest standard of care and avoid any negligence in your treatment. Most of the time, this is exactly what happens, but when a doctor, nurse, surgeon or other medical professional fails in his or her duty, you are left with one critical question: What are my legal options?

Your focus should be first and foremost on your physical health and recovery. At Phillips, Phillips, & Smith-Delach, our Pennsylvania attorneys use nearly 100 years of combined experience to handle all the legal aspects of potential medical malpractice claims. We are skilled in negotiating with physicians’ insurance companies and standing up for our clients before hospital administration. We also value our clients’ well-being, and in addition to keeping them informed about their cases, we also treat every client who seeks our services with respect, dignity and compassion. Perhaps most importantly, we used to represent doctors and hospitals for many years, and we know the tactics that they use to undervalue your claim and delay paying you the compensation you deserve. We know how they think, and we will use that knowledge to get you fair compensation.

Perhaps more importantly, medical malpractice requires a specialized knowledge of not only the law, but an understanding of the medicine involved and how to navigate these complex cases. Our attorneys are among the most experienced medical malpractice lawyers in the region, and have the resources at their disposal to not only aggressively pursue these cases, but to truly understand them.

Experienced legal help is within reach. We offer a no-fee consultation, and if we accept your case, you will pay attorney fees only if we win compensation for you.

When Your Treatment Goes Wrong, Our Firm Is Ready To Help

No one wants to imagine the worst-case scenario before they or a loved one goes in for medical care. When doctor negligence or another type of error occurs, we will evaluate your legal options and pursue every possible claim. Medical malpractice commonly arises out of:

Too many victims of negligence find that their medical providers simply refuse to acknowledge any responsibility for their failures, or offer a settlement that barely addresses the physical and mental damage that malpractice can cause. By carefully evaluating the extent of negligently caused injuries and the effect they are likely to have on our clients in the long term, we will pursue a settlement for our clients if appropriate, and will use our nearly 100 years of combined courtroom experience to try your case before a judge and jury.

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