Areas of Focus

It is true that in any legal matter, the devil is in the details. Nowhere is this more true, however, than in the complex areas of estate planning and mineral, oil and gas law.

Phillips, Phillips & Smith-Delach, P.C., has established itself as trusted legal counsel for generations of individual and business clients in Southwest Pennsylvania. Our Washington and Pittsburgh attorneys provide personalized, results-driven counsel because in these areas, our clients’ most important legal rights are at stake. We want to give everyone who chooses our firm to assist them in preparing a will, updating an estate plan, preparing end-of-life documents or negotiating a gas lease confidence that their interests are being protected every step of the way.

When it comes to your long-term planning goals or oil and gas rights, you simply must do things right the first time. Our lawyers have built a reputation for the highest standards in representation and have nearly 100 years of collective experience. Call our offices at 724-225-9933 or 844-262-2936 to arrange a confidential consultation.

Immediate Answers, Long-Term Solutions

Our firm provides the following services to clients throughout Southwest Pennsylvania:

  • Estate planning: We prepare wills, testamentary trusts and other estate planning documents for our clients. We also review and update plans as our clients’ circumstances change. In addition, our firm handles estate and probate administration.

  • Oil and gas leases: People who discover oil, gas and minerals on their property benefit from our skilled representation to ensure that they reap long-term rewards when allowing companies to drill and extract on their land. Don’t rely on the gas company to have your best interests in mind — rely on us.

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